TEAM Centered Workplaces - April 2017

April 25 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Kirkwood Regional Center
2301 E Oakdale Blvd Coralville, IA 52241 | map

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TOPIC: Kathy Kessler – exploring the M in TEAM – Managing the Whole Person – Kathy is a local executive coach who has joined us recently for several TEAM meetings.  This will be an informative and interactive session for leaders and emerging leaders.

Managing the Whole Person begins with - a step back from the world and a step towards a deeper connection to self and what matters to that self. Leonard Cohen said, "Going nowhere isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply."

Leading from this place of a deeper connection to self we step into more meaning, knowing, and effectiveness. I will focus on (in the scope of an hour some will be a light touch) the following:

Leaders – Seeing the World More Clearly

1      Vertical Development: Lasting behavior change and growth requires developing the whole person - head, heart and body – deepening intellectual, emotional and somatic intelligence.

2      Intrinsic Motivation: Instead of complying with what others think one “should do”, we invite leaders to choose a personal and meaningful development focus that taps into their heartfelt passion and firm commitment to stay engaged and grow – even when it gets hard.

3      People Grow Best In Community: We all have “blind spots”!  Getting insightful and compassionate feedback from people we trust is a powerful way to create awareness of what we can’t clearly see about ourselves.  Being open and authentic in this way accelerates growth.

4      Awakening Mindfulness: Mindfulness is about unhooking from reactivity and learning to observe oneself in real time.  By cultivating Mindfulness, leaders will learn to see themselves (and others) more clearly. And, based on this clear-seeing, they can make wise choices and respond to life with greater skill and effectiveness.

5      Sustainable Growth Takes Time: Information transfer only needs to happen once to be successful.  Embodied learning is a dynamic, living process that takes root over time. There are no shortcuts to lasting behavior change!

The TEAM Centered Workplaces initiative is part of the Regional Workforce Plan addressing retention and diversity and inclusion in the Corridor.


Thanks for your participation!

DaLayne Williamson

Save-the-Date for Upcoming TEAM Meeting:

May 23 – Staff from the Gazette will share insights from the first few Iowa Ideas Symposia and how it ties to the themes of TEAM. They want your input! Plan to join in the conversation on workplace culture, workforce challenges in Iowa and the solutions already available and those who are still needed and a BIG announcement regarding Workplace Revolution!

Thank you for your support of the TEAM Centered Workplaces initiative! If you aren’t an official member yet go to to find more information or contact me any time.  You can also find us at “Team Centered Workplaces” on LinkedIn. We were very proud to be recognized at the Corridor 380 Business Awards in the Workplace Culture category along with many other TEAM Centered Workplaces.

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