Leepfrog Technologies Open House May 14 in Coralville


Leepfrog Technologies has completed its expansion into the University of Iowa Research Park, 2300 Oakdale Boulevard in Coralville, and is holding an open house on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. This will be Leepfrog’s second office location in the area as they will also maintain 2105 ACT Circle in Iowa City.

The Leepfrog team will host the open house until 7:00 p.m. for current and future clients, partners and investors, and the local business community.  RSVP not required, but appreciated, at rsvp@leepfrog.com.

Leepfrog’s expansion comes at a time of remarkable growth of the high-tech industry in Iowa. With big names such as Facebook and Google recently announcing new investment in the state, employment opportunities in this field are keeping Iowa competitive, fostering an influx of a highly educated and skilled workforce.

Companies such as Leepfrog are the driving force behind the ‘Silicon Prairie’ and the growth of a powerful, positive industry in Iowa.  “The Iowa City area provides the opportunity to be located near other companies that offer services and solutions to the higher education market,” said Lee Brintle, Leepfrog Technologies President & CEO. “Many of these companies work directly with Leepfrog, such as Noel-Levitz, Pearson, and General Dynamics.”

Since 1994, Leepfrog has provided web-based solutions for clients, including businesses, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations.  Leepfrog is best known in academic circles for CourseLeaf, its web-based Academic Catalog Management, Curriculum Management, and Course Offering Scheduler products, which are used by over eighty of the nation's most academically complex colleges and universities to manage their online academic catalogs and curriculum processes.

While they may not be directly aware, nearly 30,000 students, faculty, and staff at the University of Iowa use Leepfrog’s CourseLeaf software each year.

ICAD Group has been working with Leepfrog Technologies since July of last year on this expansion, including assisting with workforce training and expediting the location search.

“Leepfrog was bursting at the seams and the biggest challenge for this expansion was time,” said Mark Nolte, ICAD Group President. “We are excited to see them grow and create new employment in this area through their use of technology, innovation and creativity.”

In the past three years, Leepfrog’s client base has grown rapidly; resulting in a 250% expansion of full-time staff. “While technology continues to change, our dedication to crafting quality products and services remains consistent,” added Brintle. “We are proud of the team of people we have at Leepfrog Technologies; they are dedicated, focused, and have not only embraced the changes that have come with our expansion but have also exuded an excitement that is palpable.”

Leepfrog is currently hiring for positions in sales, web development, training, and project management. Positions will be shared between both of Leepfrog’s locations in Iowa City and Coralville.  Career information is posted on the Leepfrog Technologies website:  www.leepfrog.com/careers.

“Leepfrog’s goal is to deliver a fantastic software-based solution that will enhance our clients’ experience, all while proudly being a Made in Iowa product!” said Brintle.