ICAD Group Hosting Next Iowa City Jelly March 22


Jelly Moving a Few Floors Up at 111 East College Street

(Iowa City) The Iowa City Area Development Group (ICAD Group), in partnership with COWRK Iowa City and iQuest, is hosting its next Iowa City Jelly on Thursday, March 22, 2012, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 111 East College Street in Iowa City.

Jellys are casual drop-in cowork sessions that combine creativity and productivity.  Attendees can focus on their own projects, see what others are working on and make new connections.  There is no fee and no agenda. Coffee, wireless internet and electrical outlets are provided free of charge.

According to Mark Nolte, ICAD Group Business Development Director, this location is on a short list ICAD Group has compiled of permanent IQCoLab locations.  “We’ve looked at this space the past few months and like its potential,” said Nolte.  “It fits the vibe we found at many of the coworking locations we toured last year and its openness helps encourage collaboration and innovation.” 

Anyone who can work away from an office are welcome at the Jelly for fresh ideas and for a change of pace. Past participants include entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, developers, writers, and those working online. 

“In order for this entrepreneurial culture to take hold, we have to provide networks that facilitate innovation, problem solving and social engagement,” added Nolte.  “Jellys create that environment on a smaller scale.”

About Jellys
Jellys started in New York City in February 2006 when two roommates, who missed the camaraderie of a traditional office, invited others to share their apartment as a workspace.  The aim was to create a creative environment that provided brainstorming, idea sharing, and conversations.  Since then, Jellys have been held throughout the US and all over the world.