Iowa City Recognized as a Best Place for Kids and Retirees


Iowa City Library #5 for Kids; Forbes’ says IC Good for Working Retirement

(Iowa City, Iowa) – In the past seven days, Iowa City’s name has been included in two national “Best of” lists for two different populations.  Last Monday Forbes magazine named Iowa City among its twenty five “Top Places to Retire--And Work” and just today released its list of “Top 10 Libraries for Children” and ranked the Iowa City Library number five.

For the working retirement list, Forbes examined economic development indicators such as unemployment rates and job growth potential as well as livability components, such as cost of living, tax rate, climate, and healthcare.  Iowa City made the list through its low unemployment rate, high growth potential, average cost of living and a remarkably high physician per capita ratio. is a national website that highlights more than 500 of America’s best places to live.  Their editors looked at 500 communities across the country to find the best libraries for kids and consulted several nationally recognized authorities on the subject of libraries and children's literature, including the American Library Association.

The ICPL was chosen for its visually appealing spaces for children, full range of programs, large collection of books, integration of new technologies and proven success in getting kids to engage.  The library’s responsiveness to a community’s needs was also among the top criteria.

The Iowa City Area Development Group maintains a list of all area rankings within the "Living Here" section of its website.