Iowa City Ranks No. 6 on the List of The 10 Smartest Cities in America.
MarketWatch, 2015

Job Search

Career Search Websites

In addition to job listings offered through our local employers, you'll find postings on these local websites:

Career Builder (offered through the Press Citizen newspaper)

Corridor Careers (offered through the Gazette newspaper)

Pick Your Pace (including employer profiles and links to all interstate commerce companies)

Full list of Job Search Websites

Career Services

ICAD can connect you with a variety of career services in our area. Specific career events are noted on our events page, but reoccuring programs include:

The Corridor Job Club: This club provides members the opportunity to expand networks, improve job search skills and connect to jobs in Iowa’s Creative Corridor.

Corridor Connector: Manages the connections for employers to easily meet job seekers and helps connect professionals new to the region with companies seeking talent.