Workforce Development

Our comprehensive business services and expertise provide a framework of support to help businesses start, succeed and stay in the Iowa City area.

ICAD Group strives to achieve an available, affordable and capable workforce by leading initiatives in five key areas (GREAT):

Guidance: ICAD Group ensures that the tools and research needed to support workforce initiatives in our area are available and current. This helps companies make educated business decisions.

Retention: ICAD Group offers tools and programs that aid employers in the retention of employees based on their diverse needs, feedback and requests.

Education: ICAD Group plays the role of active community partner promoting programs that the education systems have in place to prepare students and citizens in the region for current or future opportunities and engaging in community discussions.

Attraction: ICAD Group offers a variety of tools and programs that aid employers in the recruitment of local, regional, and national candidates based on employers' diverse skill and experience needs.

Training: ICAD Group leads the creation of workshops and invites speakers to aid employers with training/orientation of their staff on topics not covered by other regional partners.

  • Career Ready Certificate

    Employers utilize the Career Readiness Certificate to assess candidate work skills in three areas proven to be the most used and most critical.

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  • Community Engagement

    Workplace Learning Connection and Junior Achievement connects students with area business professionals, job shadows, internships and work-readiness programs.

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  • Job Training

    To help area companies maintain their competitive edge, ICAD Group can provide information and application assistance for local and state workforce and training programs to meet the specific needs of your company.

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  • Professional Affiliations

    ICAD Group participates in a variety of networks and consortia to help local employers and connect them to the HR resources they need.

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  • Synchronist Supplemental Survey

    ICAD Group conducts workforce development interviews to forecast trends and opportunities for the Iowa City area.

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